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Motion Sênior Designer – Specialized in Motion Graphics, Design & 3D

..I’m a senior product designer, specialized art director ux / ui, motion, design, 3d, illustration, who for the last 34 years, worked for advertising, production companies, tv channels and newspapers.
Bachelor’s degree in product design from the college of fine arts in são paulo, postgraduate degree in 3d computer graphics from senac sp. Worked in large companies such as primeira mão newspaper and gazeta mercantil, mtv, future channel, bossa nova films producer, tdw-bi,,, synoro group, trainmundi,,, rai group, colony, young&rubican, mediamonkeys and akm.
I collaborated with market giants such as stefano deho, melissa frosini, elisa stecca, alexander borba, georgia war, marcelo pereira, marcos ham, cacá steps, ricardo guimarães, rodrigo magalhães, palumbo, izo levin, messina neto, ricardo van ferer steen , ruben crispim, lecuk ishida.
I consider a diversified repertoire that I always carry in my projects as one of my strengths, as a result of detailed research, when I look for new languages and solutions.

Committed to deadlines, I try to be agile but always focused on the quality of the final product.
Check lists, kanban, calls with those involved are part of my routine to always keep the focus on project progress and on punctuality in deliveries.
I’m passionate about the creative process but understand that I’m just one of thecomponents within each project, so I value interaction with the team.
I’m used to partnering with creative directors, so I always try to maintain a clear and positive dialogue, adding value with detailed trend research that results in moving graphics that attract and delight the target audience.
My work ranges from concept (storyboard), development (design, animation, rendering) to delivery of finished content to the most diverse social media and advertising.
Take a look at my website, where I exhibit a variety of developed projects recently and shows my versatility as a creative professional.